Power Struggles

Captains log: Day 4 no electricity.

The lack of electricity has me thinking about power dynamics and power in general. The first post I saw today on instagram when I came into town was of Keenan Anderson’s death by police taser after he stopped the police to ask for help. If that isn’t a clearer example of the blatant power dynamics at play in so called “United” States of America I don’t know what is. One thing I’ve realized metaphorically in the last few days is that suffering comes from the expectation that power is or should be freely given. That’s a myth. It would be civilized to share power; even evolved, but we are not. Historically power is taken, not given. This nation was not founded on peace. It was founded on domination and the mental pathological sickness of white supremacy. It was founded by mentally deranged and unwell people who spread their sickness to future generations who have continued to shaped the world we live in by these deranged principals of extraction and domination at the cost of everyone. Patriarchal white supremacy is a sickness. If in a zombie apocalypse, zombies were walking around killing their neighbors to steal their land and plunder their water, and food and everything they touched became infected with a sickness that if ingested regularly would slowly bloat any healthy human and cause them to rot and die or waste away or cause physical decay including to the land they stood on, we might be terrified unless we were already zombies too. Bro, I think we may be zombies.

Or is there another power source. Other questions that come up around days with no power:

Is social media a tool or drug that we’ve taken too much of and now its’ making us siiick. The bad kind of sick.

How much of my spiritual, creative, intuitive self am I deferring to other sources?

Is powerlessness real or a powerful illusion?

Where are my other power sources. How can I mentally, socially, economically, spiritually, diversify?


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