Hello.  My name is Abi Mustapha. I’m a Sierra Leonean-American artist based in Santa Cruz California.  Graphite, charcoal, acrylic and oil paint, have been my preferred mediums although the freedom of digital illustration, graphic design and mural work are quickly beginning to lure me away from my studio practice. 

 I have been showing work as a full time Artist in the bay area since 2013. My work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums in the Midwest and Bay Area including the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, The Richmond Art Center, Garret Museum of Art, and Joyce Gordon Gallery among others.

Born in Indiana, I am also a graduate of Indiana University earning a BA in Political Science with an emphasis in sustainability and a passion for permaculture. Outside of the studio I enjoy camping, traveling the world (pre-covid) and snuggling up with a book when I can. I was the 2020 Santa Cruz Museum or Art and History artist in residence. 



  1. What are the prices on your art! I spoke to you at your art show in San Francisco this past weekend.

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