Power Struggles

Captains log: Day 4 no electricity. The lack of electricity has me thinking about power dynamics and power in general. The first post I saw today on instagram when I came into town was of Keenan Anderson’s death by police taser after he stopped the police to ask for help. If that isn’t a clearer…

Death of a Queen birth of a black mermaid.

Why I wanted to be part of that world. At 5 years old,The Little Mermaid was the very first Disney movie I ever remember seeing in a theater and I instantly became obsessed. To this day if you ask my roommates, one can still routinely hear me sing my own cabaret medley version of every…


June, 4 2022. (Check out the Look Out Santa Cruz articles here if you need some background) or (the BLM page of this website) It’s been an emotionally charged week.  The BLM court hearing was much more intense than I had anticipated.  I actuality I didn’t even know if I would be speaking. As it…

About Me

Hi, Abi Mustapha here. I’m an artist and creative butterfly loving life in Santa Cruz, Ca. Here you will find bits of my internal insights as I navigate being a whole creative person in a fractioned, shifting world.

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